March 31, 2023
UltraTax Release Date

UltraTax Release Date

UltraTax 2020 is a new version of the acclaimed tax software. The new version offers more flexibility than ever before, and can integrate seamlessly with other applications in the CS Professional Suite. UltraTax CS also automatically downloads updates through CS Connect Background Services. However, the release date is subject to change depending on pending legislation or tax law changes. In addition, it is possible for the date to change depending on when the Internal Revenue Service approves updated tax forms.

Release date

The UltraTax 2020 release date is not yet confirmed, but the software will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019. The software has many new features and benefits, and will allow you to do your taxes in less time than ever before. The CS version will be released in three stages: the 1040-US release, the 706-States release, and the 2290-US release date. The UltraTax CS software will be automatically updated, meaning you don’t have to worry about manually downloading updates.


The pricing structure for Ultratax 2020 is based on the number of users and the deployment options selected by the user. Unlike its predecessor, this software is cloud-based, and users can use it from any computer with an Internet connection. Ultratax CS, the most popular plan, starts at $2500 per year for a user and includes 100 individual tax returns. The software can be hosted on third-party cloud services.

Integration with other CS Professional Suite applications

CS Professional Suite applications are designed to work together with other applications. The CS Professional Suite is not only compatible with Microsoft applications, but it also provides a wide range of third-party integration options. One of these integration options is data sharing, which allows you to share client information between applications. For example, CS enables you to easily import client information from other CS Professional Suite applications using a matching SSN or EIN.

CS Professional Suite applications are designed to integrate with Microsoft Office applications. However, you must be aware that the application can only work with 32-bit versions of Office. You must also make sure that the Office desktop application is installed completely on your local computer. Otherwise, it will not work properly with CS Professional Suite applications.

CS Professional Suite applications are available through Software as a Service (SAAS) platforms, Terminal Server, and Citrix. While using a CS Professional Suite application, you should keep in mind that each session will time out after 30 minutes. After this time, you should re-authenticate your credentials to re-enter the application.

Recall Transmitted Returns feature

The UltraTax 2020 recall transmitted returns feature will be disabled starting with version CS. The recall transmission feature is a feature that allows you to recall and re-file an e-filed return from a previous year. The new version of UltraTax also has some other improvements, such as an automatic update system and a warning when the client has been closed. It also comes with E-signature, which is helpful for 1040X returns, and a CS version will have a lot of useful utilities for filing a return electronically.

The UltraTax CS version includes optional features that can improve your workflow and improve your efficiency. For example, you can automatically download updates, create default user preferences, track client returns, and hide social security numbers. The software also comes with a free onboarding process, which can help you get up and running quickly.

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