March 23, 2023

Earlier this month, Tiktok announced that they would be removing the option for all under 16s accounts to comment on videos. In addition, they would also be restricting direct messaging and live streaming to only over 16s users. In addition, they would be curbing nighttime push notifications to younger users. Lastly, they would be requiring a government issued ID or passport to verify that the user is in fact over 16.

Changes to privacy settings for under-16s

Earlier this year, TikTok announced changes to privacy settings for users under 16. TikTok’s goal is to ensure that all users, especially young children, are safe online. TikTok has partnered with Common Sense Networks to curate age-appropriate media experiences on the platform.

These new privacy settings will restrict certain features for users aged 13 to 15. TikTok will not allow kids under 16 to post duet videos, or to use the Duet or Stitch features to merge videos with other users. TikTok will also disable the ability to suggest a child’s account to other users.

Users under 16 will no longer be able to download other users’ videos. Previously, TikTok restricted videos created by users under 16 to be downloaded only by their friends or followers. Now, TikTok will limit who can download under 16 videos, and will allow users to choose whether to make their videos public.

TikTok will also stop sending notifications after 9pm to users aged 13-15. In addition, TikTok will no longer allow children under 16 to post public comments.

Lastly, TikTok will restrict direct messaging for users under 16. Now, kids under 16 will not be able to post comments on other people’s videos. However, they will still be able to receive notifications for messages sent by friends and followers.

For users over 16, TikTok will enable the ability to download videos. It will also allow users to turn off individual comments. These changes will allow TikTok to strengthen its default settings for users aged 16 to 17.

TikTok’s new privacy settings will affect users under 18 as well. The company estimates that the number of teen users on its platform is similar to that of adult users. TikTok hopes that these changes will encourage younger users to engage in an online privacy journey.

Restricting direct messaging and live streams to over-16s

Earlier this month, TikTok announced new measures to enhance child safety on its platform. The updates are part of the company’s continued efforts to protect young users’ privacy. The changes are designed to encourage teens to think about their online privacy journey.

TikTok’s new parental controls are designed in accordance with European laws. They allow parents to link their child’s account and set controls. They can also adjust how much time their child spends on the platform each day.

TikTok’s new features are part of the company’s effort to improve the safety of its live stream offering. Live broadcasts, which allow viewers to interact with a broadcaster in real time, put teens at risk. TikTok plans to introduce new controls to manage livestreams next year.

TikTok has also released a new privacy setting for its 13-15 year old users. The new feature allows teens to decide whether they want their account to be recommended, searchable, and whether they want their videos to be publicly shared. They will also be able to approve friends.

In addition to the new privacy settings, TikTok has added a new “adults-only” category to its live-streaming feature. The new category will allow users to choose whether they want to participate in live-streams created by people over 18.

TikTok has also imposed new limits on gifts for minors. Videos created by users under 16 cannot be downloaded by other users. They will also be set to private by default.

Teens can also choose whether they want to turn off direct messaging on their accounts. Direct messages are only available to registered users aged 16 and over.

Kids under 16 will not be able to upload stitch videos, a type of video where two TikToks play on half of the screen. Kids under 16 will also not be able to participate in duets, a feature that allows users to record themselves in clips.

Removing option for everyone to comment on videos

Having the option to comment on other users’ videos is a great way to make connections on TikTok. It also helps to increase channel popularity. However, TikTok has been tightening up its commenting controls lately, and the ability to comment on everyone’s video is on the way out.

TikTok has been working to make its community as safe and secure as possible. One way to do this is by giving users the option to report a video or comment that violates the company’s community guidelines. If a user reports a video, TikTok will review it and respond accordingly. It will also notify the user of the results.

The company has also added a new feature for live-streamers that allows them to mute specific viewers. This feature is a handy tool for preventing unwanted distractions during a live-stream.

In March, TikTok announced that it had added a new alert system for potentially offensive comments. This feature allows users to see whether a comment is a spam or not. It may reduce the angst that often comes with replying to a comment.

In addition to these features, TikTok has also added the ability to pin a comment. If you want to pin a comment, you’ll need to touch and hold it to the screen to view the option. Once you’ve chosen the comment, you’ll need to copy the comment before tapping the Delete button.

The company also has introduced a feature called the “keyword filter,” which filters out spam and other unwanted comments. This may limit the number of comments you have to delete.

Although the company is tightening up its commenting controls for children, you can still comment on videos. You can also ask other users to do it for you.

Curbing nighttime push notifications to younger users

Earlier this week, TikTok announced a series of measures that will curb late night push notifications to younger users. This is part of the company’s effort to make its video social media app safer for teens. The new rules are similar to those rolled out by other tech companies, and it is the latest attempt to protect children’s privacy.

TikTok will be introducing a series of changes for teen users in the coming months, including new features designed to make the app less addictive. One of the new features will be an option for parents to set time caps for the app. The company plans to roll out the new feature worldwide over the next few months.

Another feature will include a pop-up message when the first video is published. It will ask the user whether they want to share the video with other people. TikTok also will remind users to take breaks and grab a snack. The company also says it will use facial analysis technology to help prevent children from pretending to be adults.

Teens aged 16-17 will also have direct messages disabled by default. Users under 16 will be prompted to confirm that they want to download videos. The company has also announced that it will delete accounts from users who are under the age of 13. TikTok has deleted seven million accounts since June.

These new measures will help TikTok continue to encourage positive digital habits among younger users. But the company says it has also recognized its role in creating negative habits. In addition to this, it has also made some changes to the app itself to curb overuse.

Requiring a government-issued ID or passport for verification purposes

Unless you’re an under-16, you’re probably not aware that TikTok is requiring a government-issued ID or passport for verification purposes for all under-16s accounts made on the platform. This was a change to the platform’s privacy settings that went into effect in January of 2021. It’s an effort to make sure that the company complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, a law that protects the privacy of children online.

Previously, TikTok allowed users under 13 to create accounts on the platform, but they were not allowed to download or share videos. The company decided to create a new version of the app for younger users, which limits some of the features of the full version. While these changes may be intended to help stop people from lying about their age, some users are reporting problems. Some are having trouble accessing the platform, while others have had accounts deleted without notice.

In order to get back into the platform, users have been requesting TikTok support. The company responded to the complaints on social media, and is working to provide some guidance. However, some users are still waiting for an answer. If you want to report a problem, you can fill out the “Report a Problem” form on TikTok.

In addition, TikTok has been providing updates and community guidelines to help keep users safe on the platform. These resources include expanded safety advice and a new resource for dealing with dangerous situations. TikTok has also recently launched the Youth Portal, which provides more information about the platform and offers guidance for users under the age of 13. Until recently, TikTok was the number one app downloaded on Apple’s App Store.

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