March 23, 2023

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a low sodium food delivery service, you’re not alone. In fact, there are a number of companies to choose from. But before you decide, it’s important to know a little more about each one.


The ModifyHealth low sodium food delivery program is designed for people with specific health needs. These meals are prepared with high-quality proteins and vegetables. They are low in salt and gluten free.

ModifyHealth meals are also free from artificial ingredients and processed ingredients. Instead, they use organic and non-gmo ingredients. All of their animal proteins are sustainably fished.

ModifyHealth offers an extensive menu with a focus on Mediterranean diet. They offer 35+ options on their menu. It includes dishes from all over the world.

The meals are prepared by award-winning chefs. They also partner with dietitians to help patients achieve optimal health. Using food as medicine is what they believe in. Unlike other meal delivery services, ModifyHealth focuses on improving the health of its customers.

Customers are free to customize their meal plans. For example, they can skip weeks. Users can also contact their ModifyHealth dietitian for help. In addition to dietitian support, ModifyHealth offers ongoing support for its customers.

ModifyHealth offers two main menus. One is a Low FODMAP Program and the other is a Mediterranean Get Well Program. The Low FODMAP selections are a bit more restrictive than the other selections.

The meals are vacuum sealed in BPA-free recyclable trays. They can be heated in the microwave or on the stovetop. This allows them to stay fresh for 6-8 weeks in the freezer.

The company delivers to all Continental U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. A flat rate of $5 applies to orders under $50.

Magic Kitchen

Magic Kitchen is a low sodium food delivery service that offers several meal options, from soup to dessert. The company is especially geared toward the elderly and those with special diets. Its main goal is to make dinnertime more enjoyable.

The company’s meals are high quality, tasty, and easy to prepare. They are also healthy and come with detailed nutritional information. Most meals are low in calories, contain less than 700 milligrams of sodium, and are pre-portioned.

Magic Kitchen is an online meal delivery service that lets you select from hundreds of menu items. You can choose from a la carte items, meal bundles, or even family meal plans.

The company’s website is fairly easy to navigate. They have a free downloadable catalog, and a menu section that lets you sort their menu by meal type, dietary requirement, and more.

The website also has a feature called a ‘Flex Subscription Plan.’ This plan includes free shipping, as well as a discount based on the quantity ordered.

Some of their recipes utilize ingredients that are local and organic. A number of foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes, contain fiber, which can help prevent obesity.

Another feature is the company’s meal bundles, which are designed for specific dietary needs. There are three types of packages: the 15-Meal Trial Pack, the 4-Serving Bundle, and the 2-Serving Bundle.

In addition to their meal bundles, Magic Kitchen offers single-serve entrees and side dishes. If you want something more than just one or two items, you can create your own custom menu.

Fresh ‘N Lean

Fresh ‘N Lean is a low sodium food delivery service that offers healthy, fresh meals. Their recipes are created by chefs and dietitians to ensure that you get balanced nutrition. They offer dozens of unique meal choices, including Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai, and more.

The service works to meet strict Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) standards. All of their ingredients are sourced from local farms that are organic and GMO free. Each meal is 550 milligrams of sodium or less, which is considered an appropriate amount for adults.

Fresh ‘N Lean offers a variety of diets to suit all lifestyles. You can choose a one-time delivery, or you can order five or seven days of meals. For a small fee, you can also opt for a different delivery day.

Fresh ‘N Lean is easy to use, with exciting recipes. The service delivers to most areas of the US, and offers a wide range of options.

Fresh n’ Lean meals are prepared in an FDA-approved commercial kitchen. All ingredients are sourced from organic and grass-fed farms. As a result, they are gluten-free, dairy-free, and low in sodium.

Fresh n’ Lean uses a certified Aquaculture Stewardship Council to ensure socially and environmentally responsible seafood production. They also use high-quality proteins. Meals are designed by renowned chefs and dietitians.

Fresh ‘N Lean is a great way to save time on meal planning. It has plenty of delicious recipes to choose from, and you can customize your meal plan to fit your nutritional needs.


If you have a limited sodium budget, you’ll want to take a look at meal delivery services. These services are designed to make it easy to stay on track with your diet, without sacrificing taste or variety.

BistroMD, for example, offers a variety of healthy, low sodium meals. You can choose from a menu that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

The site also features a drop down menu filter that allows you to sort by dietary specifications. For example, if you’re on a low sodium diet, you’ll want to select a menu that features meals that are less than 600 mg in total sodium.

BistroMD’s menu includes more than 150 selections. Customers can opt for a 5-day or 7-day plan, or build their own custom program. They can also get a free trial.

BistroMD’s website lists several different plans, including ones that are aimed at women over 35. Each of these plans is made up of meals that are high in nutrients and calories, while also being low in saturated fat. In addition to weight management, BistroMD also provides meals for menopause, diabetes, and gluten-free diets.

The company also offers a 14-day free trial. You’ll also have the option to pause and restart your order online.

BistroMD’s menu also offers a number of other perks. Among the most useful is the fact that they offer a recycling plan for their coolers. As a result, these coolers can be reused as urban planters, beach coolers, and more.


If you’re looking to get healthy without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, a low sodium food delivery service may be right for you. These services can replace processed ready meals with fresh, dietitian approved dishes.

Some providers also offer free shipping. You can customize your order to fit your budget and dietary requirements. For example, HelloFresh offers recipes for kids and pescatarians.

You can pick and choose the meals you want for 5 or 7 days a week. Each meal includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is easy to cancel your subscription.

The company also offers a low calorie plan that creates home-cooked meals in less than thirty minutes. Meals are packed to stay fresh and include ingredients that are pre-measured.

Although HelloFresh doesn’t filter for low sodium, there are several other low sodium meal delivery options. One of these is Splendid Spoon.

Splendid Spoon offers a variety of low sodium smoothies and soups. The company also boasts a low sodium breakfast bowl.

Epicured also offers low sodium dishes. This meal delivery service works with dietitians and top chefs to bring you nutritionally sound and tasty recipes.

Mom’s Meals is a unique meal delivery service that’s covered by Medicare Advantage health plans and Medicaid. Their meals are designed to meet your dietary needs, and they are also cancer and heart-friendly.

Freshly is a popular meal kit service that delivers fresh and nutritious foods each week. They offer low-sodium, diabetic, and chef’s special menus.

Splendid Spoon

If you are looking for healthy meals with low sodium, Splendid Spoon is a food delivery service that you may want to consider. It offers ready-to-eat plant-based meals that are vegan and gluten-free. You can choose from a variety of weekly menu options and customize your order every week.

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that uses fresh, plant-based ingredients. In addition to its ready-to-eat meals, it also offers smoothies, snacks, and desserts. The company works with dietitians and a chef to design meals that are customized for your dietary needs.

They have a wide variety of meals, including smoothies, grain bowls, and soups. You can also sign up for their breakfast and lunch meal plans.

Splendid Spoon is designed for busy people who have dietary restrictions. For example, it is not suitable for people with diabetes. But it does offer a full day “reset” option, which includes five breakfasts, five lunches, and five special light soups. This plan is ideal for those who are trying to lose weight.

The meals are low in sodium and soy. All of the foods are non-GMO and gluten-free. They are shipped on dry ice, which prevents spoilage.

There are three different meal plans, each with its own price. However, the costs are higher than some of the competitors. That is mainly due to the high-quality ingredients that Splendid Spoon uses.

Unlike some other meal-delivery services, it offers a number of dietary options. Some of these are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. As a result, it is ideal for people who are transitioning to a vegan diet.

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