March 31, 2023
Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers

Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers

Intuit recommends using a reputable hosting company that meets the Intuit standards. While it is possible to find unauthorized hosting companies, these providers do not have the support you need from Intuit. An authorized hosting company must meet performance, security, and customer service requirements. Here are a few benefits of using an authorized hosting company.

Right Networks

If you want to host QuickBooks on the cloud, consider Right Networks. This provider is a leader in cloud-hosted QuickBooks Desktop, and adheres to Intuit’s product policy. You can also choose a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, so you can use your own copy of the software.

Right Networks hosts supported versions of QuickBooks Desktop and Enterprise Cloud Access. Right Networks allows multiple users to work on the same company using the software. It also offers upgrades and installation instructions for both desktop and web versions of the software. To use Right Networks’ QuickBooks hosting service, you’ll need an internet connection, and the company provides a step-by-step guide for installing and upgrading the software.

Right Networks also offers Always-On integration, which allows applications to transfer data to and from QuickBooks Desktop company files without having to wait for the user to log in. Other hosting providers only support integrations with QuickBooks Desktop when the user is logged in. For third-party ISVs, this seamless operation of SaaS integrations in the Right Networks cloud reduces support and onboarding costs.

When choosing a hosting service, be sure to consider the features and benefits of each plan. For example, Right Networks offers a secure, reliable, and scalable platform. It has the highest security rating and supports more than 170,000 QuickBooks hosting customers each month and stores over half a million company databases.

Right Networks provides cloud-hosted QuickBooks desktop and other business-critical applications. This leading provider of hosting solutions is taking thousands of SMBs and accountants to the cloud. Its proprietary HyperRight(r) Virtualization Technology enables it to deliver cost-effective, efficient, and reliable cloud solutions. Its customers include over 25,000 businesses and accounting firms. In fact, Right Networks serves more SMBs than all other commercial hosting partners combined.


Cloudvara offers a managed cloud infrastructure and high-speed network environment to streamline your business operations. With this solution, you can eliminate the need for expensive networking equipment and servers and ensure that all of your company’s data is accessible globally. The cloud-based solution also comes with an affordable pricing structure.

Cloudvara is an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider and can support both Intuit and Microsoft applications. Depending on your business needs, you’ll want to ensure that the hosting provider meets Intuit’s security standards. Backup policies differ by provider, so it’s important to find out how often backups occur and how long they are retained. Additionally, some providers offer enhanced security measures such as two-factor authentication.

Cloudvara offers live chat support and 24-hour email support. Their support center also includes video tutorials and FAQs. The service is designed for small and mid-sized businesses and is compatible with all desktop versions of QuickBooks. For more information, visit their website. When deciding between QuickBooks online and desktop, you’ll be happy to know that Cloudvara is a reliable, affordable option for hosting your accounting software.

The Intuit Hosting Program allows you to host QuickBooks Desktop on a hosting provider’s servers. This allows you to store your data safely and securely from anywhere. Unlike the Intuit Web Apps platform, authorized hosts don’t endorse, certify, or sponsor Intuit products or services. If you purchase your hosting services from an authorized provider, your account will be protected by Intuit’s support policies. However, there may be a charge for these services.

QuickBooks Online is compatible with all types of devices, including Macs, Androids, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. It is also fully customizable and scalable, so you can access your business from any device. Intuit has partnered with a variety of hosting providers to offer a variety of features to their users.


Swizznet, an Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosting partner, is a leading cloud hosting provider that offers the latest cloud technologies and unparalleled customer service. Its cloud solutions allow businesses of all sizes to free themselves of their own in-house infrastructure, enabling them to connect from any device. Swizznet offers advanced data security, cyber-threat detection, and cloud computing technology that provides the fastest cloud access to QuickBooks desktop applications.

Swizznet specializes in cloud-based solutions and IT management for small to mid-sized businesses. Its broad suite of services includes accounting software, application hosting, CRM tools, and cybersecurity protection. Its cloud solutions help SMBs save time and resources while allowing accountants to focus on expanding their businesses.

Swizznet is committed to delivering bank-level security. Its security solutions include firewalls, permission security controls, and 256-bit data encryption. Backups are performed every 30 minutes, while business-critical files are secured around-the-clock. It also offers two redundant data centers and business continuity protection.

If you choose to use QuickBooks hosting, you’ll find that it’s a bit more expensive than QuickBooks Online. However, it allows more than one user to access the software at the same time, and it also allows traditional QuickBooks software to be accessed on mobile devices. However, many users prefer QuickBooks Online, due to its ease of use and competitive pricing. Intuit’s cloud-based QuickBooks Online solution is free and does not require hosting.


If you use QuickBooks, then Quarium on Intuit hosting is the perfect solution for your business. It has many great features to help you use the software more efficiently. These features include a Client Portal, which lets you toggle between clients and allows you to save time by eliminating the need to send and receive emails with your data. You can also access your QuickBooks data from anywhere in the world and on any device with a single click. This is a great feature for small businesses, because it can save a lot of time and money.

With an Intuit Hosting Plan, you can install your QuickBooks software on a remote server and access it from any internet connection. You can also access the software via a secure connection through a web browser. Using Intuit Hosting Program will allow you to install the desktop version of QuickBooks on a remote server and access it using a web browser.

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